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By Divya

November 22,2022

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Blizzard Entertainment develops and publishes World of Warcraft.

What is Blizzard Entertainment on my credit card?

All players with an active Account are eligible for the WoW Free Trial.

How can I get WoW for free?

Modern WoW is free to level 20. If you wish to: Modern WoW level 20+.

Is WoW 2022 free?

The desktop software instals Modern World of Warcraft, WoW Classic, and Burning Crusade Classic.

Where can I download WoW?

Launch to play offline. On the login screen, select Settings (cogwheel). Select Continue Without Logging In.

Can you play WoW offline?

Up to level 20, World of Warcraft is free, but higher levels require a subscription.

Is World of Warcraft still free?

A World of Warcraft Classic gamer figured out how to play on Android and iOS smartphones.

Can u play World of Warcraft on phone?

World of Warcraft isn't console-compatible. WoW is PC-only, unlike Overwatch and Diablo.

Is World of Warcraft on PC only?

If you use the website's self-service option, your refund is approved instantly if you're eligible.

Will Blizzard refund me?