There is a professional American football team called the New England Patriots.

By Divya

November 21,2022

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Robert Kraft, the franchise's current owner, paid 172 million dollars for it in 1994.

How much would it cost to buy the Patriots?

The New England Patriots of 2007 were the first NFL team to finish the regular season undefeated at 16-0.

What was Patriots best record?

The Patriots changed their name to reflect their new location on March 22, 1971. NFL rejected Bay State Patriots.

Why are Patriots called New England?

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Allen were patriots. Loyalists, or Tories, were loyal for numerous reasons.

Who were some famous Patriots?

The Giants won Super Bowl 2008. They won the Super Bowl by beating one of history's best teams.

Who beat the undefeated Patriots?

Mark Wahlberg is a famous Patriots fan. He loves the Patriots, Tom Brady, and has seen many huge games and moments.

Who is the Patriots most famous fan?

Patriots were colonists who were tired with British rules and policies, especially when they had no say in them.

What were Patriots known for?

Patriots advocated colonial liberty and independence, which included supporting the war.

What are Patriots known for?

First single after conservatorship ended; features Elton John.

Did Britney Spears sing with Elton John?