There Is a Beth Dutton Issue with "Yellowstone"

By Divya

December 4,2022

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She is the main badass in Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone," a film. She has a restrained, measured rage, and the same goes for her analytical mind.

She has the power to ruin someone's life or financially wreck a corporation as she bids her father farewell.

She looks fierce in fancy shoes. However, I'm going to say it anyway: "Yellowstone" might have a Beth Dutton issue.

Beth has experienced a lot. She has endured beatings, sexual assault threats, explosions, and forced sterilisation as  .

teenager courtesy to her half-brother Jamie (Wes Bentley). In a television world where women are frequently characterised as "likeable" or "unlikable,"

Beth's IDGAF attitude is refreshing; she lives and breathes for herself, her father John (Kevin Costner), and her husband Rip (Cole Hauser). The rest of you can all go to hell.