Carmelo Anthony American professional basketball player

By Madhupriya

December 14,2022

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PF Carmelo Anthony of the Los Angeles Lakers - 2022-23 Game Log - NBA -

What team does carmelo play for 2023?

Carmelo Anthony of the Los Angeles Lakers will miss his second straight game on Friday due to a non-COVID illness.

Why isn t Carmelo playing?

Conversation. Today marks the 15th anniversary of the infamous Knicks-Nuggets brawl. Carmelo Anthony received a 15-game suspension for punching Mardy Collins.

Why did Carmelo get suspended for 15 games?

During his lone collegiate season, Anthony also won two Olympic gold medals and an NCAA championship. He may never have won an MVP award, but there is virtually no level of basketball success that Anthony has not attained.

Has Carmelo Anthony won MVP?

USD 21.6 lakhs (2020) Carmelo Anthony / Earning

What is Carmelo Anthony salary?

In most cases, the NBA player in question received community service and fines, with notable players such as Carmelo Anthony and Jason Kidd avoiding jail time despite being found guilty.

Has Carmelo Anthony been jailed?