The Last of Us • HBO • Bella Ramsey • Pedro Pascal • Ellie

By Divya

December 4,2022

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Bella Ramsey

Who's playing Ellie in HBO Last of Us?

star Pedro Pascal

Who's playing Joel in HBO last of us? 

In HBO's impending Last of Us TV miniseries, Jeffrey Pierce, who voices Tommy in the video game series, will not play him. Gabriel Luna plays Joel's brother Tommy. Pierce now plays quarantine rebel Perry.

Who plays Tommy in The Last of Us HBO?

The first episode was filmed in August and will be finished in 2022. HBO and HBO Max will finally air the series on Sunday, January 15, 2022, at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

Is HBO doing The Last of Us?

"We want our characters to stand on their own two feet," Straley said of Naughty Dog's Ellie redesign after the parallels. Druckmann and Straley believed the alteration reflected Johnson's personality and made her younger. It was revealed in a trailer in May 2012.

Why did they change Ellie in The Last of Us?

Joel loves Ellie, but it's unclear if he loves her. Ellie loves Joel, but some claim she may leave him since she can't trust him.

Is Ellie in love with Joel?