The day she gave birth, she won the lottery.

By Madhupriya

December 4,2022

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After giving birth and winning the lotto, a woman from North Carolina experienced a day she'll never forget.

According to a press statement from the North Carolina Lottery, Brenda Gomez Hernandez,

a housekeeper from Concord who is 28 years old, gave birth to a baby girl on November 9.

Hernandez found out that she had won $100,000 in the Powerball drawing that day just hours later.

Hernandez stated in the press release, "I feel like she handed me my luck. "I'm extremely appreciative."

Her other children served as inspiration for Hernandez's method of selecting her tickets,

which involved choosing her numbers based on the birthdays of her boys, according to the press release.

She purchased her winning ticket at a Concord QuikTrip gas station.