Stuart Margolin, Emmy Winner for ‘The Rockford Files,’ Dies at 82 

By priyanka

December 14,2022

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1974 He won two Best Supporting Actor Emmies playing James Garner's former cell-mate "Angel" Martin in The Rockford Files (1974). Margolin made his debut in. His acting career has now spanned more than 50 years.

When did Stuart Margolin first appear on Rockford Files?

Because of the toll on his body, Garner was ordered by his doctor to immediately take time off some months later, and NBC abruptly cancelled the program in mid-season. It was alleged that Rockford had become very expensive to produce, mainly due to the location filming and use of high-end actors as guest stars.

Why did they replace Rocky in Rockford Files?

Stuart Margolin-Actor and Director and a close personal friend of James Garner, Margolin had one of the greatest roles on Television as Jim Rockford's seedy pal and informant Evelyn Angel Martin on The Rockford Files, He also had recurring roles on Garner's other series, Nichols and Bret Maverick as well as director of ...

Were Garner and Margolin friends?

After production of the show, James Garner owned and drive the car until mid-1981, when it ultimately moved along to subsequent owners. It was never wrecked or substantially damaged post-Rockford and Garner, but it fell down on its heels a bit and needed a total restoration

What happened to the car from The Rockford Files?

three car Garner once explained that “Rockford's Firebird was also a character in the show.” “The Rockford Files” used three cars every season: the hero or “beauty” car, the action car and the damage car. The crew wired one of them inside and out with microphones to pick up the sounds of the street and the car itself.

How many Firebirds did Rockford Files use?

The show bought three Firebirds each season. James Garner didn't like the styling of the 1979 Firebird, so '78s were used until the show ended its run in 1980

How many Firebirds were used in the making of The Rockford Files?

ANSWER: Actor Robert Donley played Rocky in the 1974 pilot, which featured Lindsay Wagner as a woman who can't believe her father committed suicide and asks Jim for help. The pilot was a two-parter, so there are your two episodes. Noah Beery Jr. took over as Joseph "Rocky" Rockford forever after

How many actors played Rocky on Rockford Files?