Sony PlayStation • Best Buy • Xbox 

By Divya

December 10,2022

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Xbox's backwards compatibility feature lets you play older console games. Xbox Series X plays 2005 Xbox 360 games. PS5 can play PS4 games, but not PS3 ones.

Which is best Sony PlayStation or Xbox?

Both consoles cost $499, but the PS5 Digital Edition costs less. In our PS5 disc vs. digital comparison, we found that the standard PS5 is cheaper over time.

Which is cheaper PS5 or Xbox?

PS4 is cheaper than Xbox, which may explain why Sony dominates the gaming market

Which is cheaper Xbox or PS4?

Both have RDNA 2 graphics. Xbox Series X's GPU has 12 TFLOPS and 52 CUs. PS5's 36 CUs deliver 10.3 TFLOPS. Developers can get more out of Series X than PS5.

Is a PS5 better than Xbox?

Microsoft says PlayStation has a "significantly larger" userbase, even if all COD players switch.

Do more people play Xbox or PlayStation?

If you want a console with stronger graphical performance, then the PS4 Pro is the console you want to go with. If you want a console that has a higher frame rate, then you will want to consider the Xbox Series S.

Which is better Xbox series S or PS4?