Sinbad's "dead" limbs are "coming alive" 2 years after stroke

By Divya

November 23,2022

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Sinbad's family says he's walking again 2 years after a stroke. Sinbad had a stroke in 2020 due to a blood clot that travelled from his heart to his brain.

Has Sinbad had a stroke?

Sinbad's family posted a statement with the photo outlining his health issues. The actor had a stroke in October 2020 from a heart-to-brain blood clot.

What caused Sinbad's stroke?

He came home in 2021. "He continues therapy, struggling for every inch," "Journey Forward" says. His improvement is amazing.

What is Sinbad doing now?

Sinbad's family says a heart-to-brain clot caused a stroke. Blood clot and brain bleed followed the stroke. Coma-ventilated Sinbad.

What type of illness does Sinbad have?

Sinbad (born November 10, 1956) is an American comedian and actor.

Is Sinbad alive?

Third-generation owner Matt Blancke says Sindbad's durability is due to its family-friendly ambiance and delicious meals.

Who owns Sinbads?

Sinbad stated, "I joined the Air Force in 1979." I did Tops in Blue comedy. 1980, I auditioned for Tops in Blue. That's because I wanted to do comedy.

Is Sinbad ex military?

Eighth Voyage costs money. This event is pricey because to stunt performers, technologists, backstage workers, and extra insurance.

Why did The Sinbad Show end?