Shanghai's miHoYo Co. publishes video games.

By Divya

December 7 ,2022

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The developer company miHoYo recently rebranded, leaving fans perplexed. The popular modern development studio miHoYo is rebranding as HoYoverse.

Is HoYoverse still miHoYo?

Shanghai-based miHoYo Co., Ltd. develops and publishes video games.

Is miHoYo Chinese or Korean?

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game by miHoYo. Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android got it in 2020, PlayStation 5 in 2021, and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Is Genshin still owned by miHoYo?

Genshin moved publishers to dodge Chinese censorship.

Why did miHoYo leave Genshin?

HoYoverse, formerly Genshin Impact, prepares a "virtual world experience." Chinese game developer miHoYo, behind Genshin Impact, rebranded as HoYoverse to offer an "immersive virtual world experience"

Did HoYoverse bought Genshin?

Wei Liu. Liu Wei, 25, has had his own game-developing team

How old is miHoYo CEO?