Real Betis vs Man United on Twitter

By Madhupriya

December 11,2022

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Arsenal has also defeated Manchester United in league competition 71 times, which is the most times Manchester United has lost to any club.

Which team has beaten Man U many times?

Manchester United defeated Yeovil Town 8-0. Another FA Cup fifth-round match played at Maine Road was between Manchester United and Yeovil Town.

Who did Man Utd beat 8 0?

Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal are Manchester United's main rivals. Manchester United is the club with the most English Premier League titles and one of the most recognisable brands in sports.

Who is Manchester United biggest enemy?

Man United's worst defeat in history is a 7-0 defeat. They were defeated 7-0 three times, once by Blackburn Rovers on 10 April 1926, once by Aston Villa on 27 December 1930, and once by Wolves on 26 December 1931. These are all the biggest league defeats for Manchester United.

What is Man Utd biggest defeat ever?

MUTV can be accessed through the Man Utd app on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store,, or the connected TV platforms Samsung Smart TVs, Android TV, LG Smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and Xbox.

Can I watch Man United on my phone?

Arsenal has also defeated Manchester City in league competition 87 times, which is the most times Manchester City has lost to any club.

Which club beat Man City most?