Patti LaBelle rushed off stage due to bomb threat

By Madhupriya

December 12,2022

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Gladys Knight on her friendship with Patti LaBelle over the years: Gladys Knight told Fox News Digital that she considers Patti LaBelle to be her younger sister because the two have remained friends for six decades.

Are Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight friends?

Patti LaBelle was rushed offstage just a few songs into a Christmas concert in Milwaukee after authorities were forced to evacuate the venue due to a bomb threat.

Why was Patti LaBelle escorted off stage?

After Harold Robinson was sued by the manager of a group called the Blue Belles, Holte changed her name to Patti LaBelle and Her Blue Belles in 1962.

Why did Patti LaBelle change her name?

Patti LaBelle is a Type 2 diabetic singer and actress.

What disease does Patti LaBelle have?

Sarah Dash, Labelle's singer and co-founder, has died at the age of 76. Sarah Dash, the co-founder of Labelle, best known for their 1974 hit "Lady Marmalade," died on Monday.

Who passed away from the group LaBelle?

Patti LaBelle was rushed off stage just a few songs into her Christmas concert in Milwaukee after authorities evacuated the theatre due to a bomb threat.

What happened at the Patti LaBelle concert?