News about Lamar Jackson, Raven

By Divya

November 29,2022

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Lamar Jackson was born at Pompano Beach, Florida, on January 7, 1997. Lamar Jackson is African-American, not Haitian.

Is Lamar Jackson Haitian?

To book Lamar Jackson, submit a booking request or contact 1.800.698.2536

How do I contact Lamar Jackson?

25-year-old (7 January 1997) Lamar Jackson/Age

How old is Lamar Jackson?

Jackson urged the fan to "STFU" and used a foul NSFW word we can't show. (Click here for his exact words.) Jackson's tweet received over 13,000 likes inside an hour.

What tweet did Lamar Jackson say?

Jackson's fifth-year option pays $23.02 million this season. He will earn $1.28 million each week, practically his whole 2021 salary.

What is Lamar Jackson's current salary?

The Ravens' offer to their franchise quarterback has been revealed hours before Week 1 versus the New York Jets.

Will Ravens pay Lamar?

According to ESPN, the Ravens offered Jackson a $250m extension through 2027 with $133m guaranteed at signing.

How much money did the Ravens offer Lamar Jackson?