News about Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinal

By Madhupriya

December 13,2022

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His season has ended due to knee surgery. The Cardinals will start Colt McCoy for the second game in a row as Murray rests his injured hamstring.

Why is Kyler Murray inactive?

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray suffered a non-contact knee injury and was carted off the field just three snaps into Monday night's game.

What just happened to Kyler Murray?

Uncertainty about the direction of Texas A&M's offence, the future of the offensive coaching staff, trust issues between quarterbacks and coaches, and how quarterbacks were used were among the concerns that led to Murray and Allen's transfers, according to sources.

Why did A&M transfer Kyler Murray?

Kyler Murray of the Cardinals is out against the 49ers due to a hamstring injury.

Why isn t Kyler Murray playing for the Cardinals?

Murray's hamstring injury will keep him out of the game, giving Colt McCoy his first start of 2022. The game will be a battle of the backups, with John Wolford taking the field in place of Matthew Stafford, who is out with a concussion.

Why didn t Kyler Murray play on Sunday?

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals have agreed to a contract extension through the 2028 season.

Has Kyler Murray left the Cardinals?