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By Madhupriya

December 6,2022

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After helping the Mets reach the playoffs, he declined a $30.5m salary for 2023 and became a free agent. In November, deGrom rejected the Mets' $19.65m qualifying offer, ending his four-year, $107m contract.

Why did deGrom leave Mets?

American Jacob deGrom / Nationality

What nationality is Jacob de Grom?

Jacob deGrom was rumoured to join the Atlanta Braves this offseason in 2022. However, deGrom signed a five-year, $185 million contract with the Texas Rangers this week.

Are the Braves signing deGrom?

The Rangers gave 34-year-old deGrom a five-year, $185M guaranteed contract. The agreement includes a full no-trade clause and a 2028 conditional option.

How much is Jacob deGrom being paid?

DeGrom lifted higher weights than ever before this offseason.

Does deGrom lift weights?

The Texas Rangers signed untouchable ace Jacob deGrom Friday.

Is Jacob deGrom leaving the Mets?