News about injury, Steph Curry and Indiana Pacer

By Madhupriya

December 15,2022

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Curry now needs to make 23 more 3-pointers to reach the milestone of 3,000 for his career, which no player in NBA history has accomplished.

How many 3s does Curry have now?

One of the most well-known players in the National Basketball Association is Stephen Curry, also referred to as Steph (NBA). One of the best three-point shooters in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors point guard has represented the senior national team of the United States since 2010.

Why is Steph Curry famous?

In his career, Stephen Curry has averaged 3.8 three-pointers per game.

How many 3s does Curry average a game?

Prior to Steph winning his first MVP award, LeBron won four championships with three different teams and four MVP trophies. Curry has won two MVP awards, including the lone unanimous choice award, and four rings.

Is Stephen Curry better than LeBron?

See how Steph Curry discusses why Reggie Miller was his favourite player growing up in this 2014 interview segment. On the all-time 3PM list, Reggie is being pursued by Curry.

Who is Stephen Curry's favorite NBA player?

Steph's issue is a lack of rest, according to Bruce Fraser, the Warriors' assistant coach for player development, who spoke with Keith Burke of NBC Sports.

What is Curry's weakness?