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By Madhupriya

December 13,2022

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Prior to his five-year tenure as Texas Tech's head coach, Beard was the head coach at Little Rock for one season (2015-16), leading the Trojans to a 30-5 record and a trip to the NCAA Tournament Round of 32.

How long was Chris Beard at Texas Tech?

Beard, on the other hand, did not go to Kentucky and will not be returning with the Tar Heels. Instead, he made the one mistake that Tech fans will never forgive. He drove from Lubbock to Austin.

Where did Chris Beard go?

Beard previously served as head coach at Arkansas-Little Rock (2015-16), Angelo State (2013-15), McMurry State (2012-13), and Seminole State College (2000-01).

Where was Chris Beard before Texas?

Texas head coach Chris Beard considers his hiring by Bob Knight at Texas Tech in 2001 to be the "break of his life." After spending two years as a junior college coach, Beard joined Knight in Lubbock after meeting Knight and his son Pat while recruiting.

Did Chris Beard coach under Bob Knight?

Total compensation: $5,255,000 Beard is nearing the end of his rookie season with Texas.

How much did Texas pay Chris Beard?

According to Hocutt, Beard told him that "he was ready for another challenge." I'm not sure I understand. It was obviously not for better fan support or facilities. He explained that it was not for financial reasons." He went on to say that Texas Tech was willing to give Beard a "lifetime rolling contract."

Why did Chris Beard leave for Texas?