News about arrest, warrant and Antonio Brown

By Madhupriya


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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers released wide receiver Antonio Brown on Thursday, less than 24 hours after he posted a lengthy statement stating that he intends to undergo surgery to repair his injured ankle and that the Bucs have engaged in a "ongoing cover-up" surrounding the events of last week's game.

Did Antonio Brown just get released?

Brown claims the Buccaneers "cut" him because he refused to play with an ankle injury. Brown said in a statement released through his attorney that Arians ordered him to take the field, and when he told Arians he couldn't play because of the injury, Arians replied, "You're done!"

Why did Brown walk off the game?

We genuinely care about him. "We want him to be at his best," Brady said. "Unfortunately he won't be with our team, but we have a lot of friendships that will last. " Again, I believe that the most important aspect of football is your relationship with your friends and teammates.

What did Brady say about Brown?

According to The MMQB's Robert Klemko, Antonio Brown has been accused of failing to pay a man $2,000 for an aquarium filled with piranhas that he installed in the wide receiver's home.

How much was Antonio Brown's Fish Tank?

According to the Trib Live, Antonio Brown has finally sold his Pittsburgh-area home. It took several years and several price cuts. Brown will suffer a significant financial loss as a result of the $1.4 million transaction.

How much did Antonio Brown sell his house in Pittsburgh for?

According to the Post, Brown was in the pool with a female guest but was not dressed. With a crowd of men cheering him on, the former wide receiver lifted himself out of the water and shoved his butt in the face of the woman.

What did Antonio Brown do in the pool?