NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers tried to get Terry Rozier over summer

By Madhupriya

December 6,2022

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Klutch Sports CEO Rich Paul told ESPN on Wednesday that LeBron James has agreed to a two-year, $97.1 million contract extension with a player option for 2024-25.

How much did LeBron cost the Lakers?

A multifaceted $67.5 million deal included the Lakers, the NHL Kings, the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, and a 13,000-acre ranch in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for Jerry Buss. Buss' vision was to make basketball games an all-out entertainment event.

How much did it cost to buy the Lakers?

That's perhaps why the LA Lakers are so popular - they've proven to be extremely successful.

Why are the Lakers so popular?

The 1971-72 Lakers team is one of the best in NBA history, and it could very well be the best of all time.

Is the Lakers the best team of all time?

Why are the Lakers competitive 99 percent of the time? One reason is that they always find a way to acquire superstars. Mikan joined the Lakers in the late 1940s, when the team was located in frigid Minneapolis.

Why do the Lakers always have the best players?

George Mikan (#99) led the Lakers franchise to their first five NBA titles. NBA's official website describes him as the league's "first superstar."

Who made the Lakers famous?