Kindred Definition & Meaning - Dictionary

By Madhupriya

December 14,2022

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A group of people who are related in some way. One of two nouns. kin dred kin-drd.: a group of related individuals.

What is meaning of kindred?

kindred spirit (plural kindred spirits) (idiomatic) Someone who shares one's feelings or attitudes; a kindred spirit. Many of the participants found themselves in the company of like-minded people who shared their interests.

What is meant by kindred soul?

Kindred can be used as both an adjective and a noun.

What type of word is kindred?

Your kindred are your family and everyone who is related to you. Things that are related are similar. I recall many conversations with her about these and related topics.

How to use kindred?

similar in American English 1. a person's extended family; kinfolk; kin. 2. a group of people who are related to one another; a family, tribe, or race.

What makes up a kindred?

Kindred spirits can fall in love, but there are also many non-romantic connections, according to Manly. According to Bihlmeier, "sometimes kindred spirits get into romantic relationships that aren't actually meant to be" because they feel so drawn to each other.

Do kindred spirits fall in love?