Kehlani says she was sexually assaulted after UK concert

By Madhupriya

December 15,2022

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In a recent video uploaded to TikTok, Kehlani appears to have admitted that she and her partner 070 Shake are no longer together. Rumors of the couple's romance first appeared in 2021 when they were seen growing close. They formally confirmed their relationship in May of this year.

Is Kehlani in a relationship?

Kehlani, an R&B and neo-soul musician, has been added to the schedule for Rocking the Daisies 2022. The singer will be making her debut on the African continent with this performance. Over the weekend of October 7–9, the festival will take place in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Is Kehlani coming to South Africa 2022?

The singer will embark on a tour known as the "Blue Water Road Trip" that will take place for a significant portion of the second half of 2022. The singer will stop in both North America and Europe (including the UK). Additionally, Rico Nasty and Destin Conrad will be with them the entire time.

Is Rico Nasty opening for Kehlani?

The singer recently clarified the situation. In an exclusive interview with Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio, 23-year-old Kehlani revealed that Javie Young-White is her girlfriend and upcoming co-parent. She has been publicly exchanging loving social media messages with her guitarist Young-White for several months.

Who is the baby daddy of Kehlani?

Vegan is Kehlani. They have discussed their past experiences as rape and sexual assault survivors.

Is Kehlani vegan?

The two are not connected, despite Zendaya once referring to Kehlani as her sister. They did grow up together in Oakland, California, and had a close friendship as kids. When they were younger, the two used to perform together, and they were almost in a band with fellow R&B singer H.E.R.

How is Zendaya related to Kehlani?