Irene Cara: Fame singer and actress dies aged 63

By Madhupriya

November 27,2022

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Fame and Flashdance actress and singer Irene Cara died. 63. On Saturday, Cara's publicist, Judith Moose, revealed her death at home in Florida.

What is Irene Cara doing now?

She played Sparkle in the 1976 Supremes-inspired film Sparkle at 16. She played Bertha George, Alex Haley's mother, in Roots: The Next Generations.

How old was Irene Cara in Sparkle? 

Irene Cara and Alessia Cara are they related? Not me. She is a vocalist who was active a little before my era.

Are Irene Cara and Alessia Cara related?

Palmisano, Conrad E. Irene Cara: Partner (m. 1986–1991)

Was Irene Cara married?

United States, Miami, Florida, November 25, 2022 died Irene Cara

What did Irene Cara died of?

United States, New York, The Bronx Irene Cara's birthplace

Where is Irene Cara from?