How Jada-Pinkett Smith Is Really Treating Will Smith

By Divya

November 22,2022

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Pinkett Smith told Howard Stern in 2015 that she and Shakur weren't attracted.

Did Jada and Tupac date?

2Pac and Jada were close before he went to prison in 1995. Before they could make amends, he was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1996.

Who was Jada Pinkett to Tupac?

Jada and Will share "unconditional love" for one other.

Is Will Smith still in love with Jada?

Jada Pinkett Smith acknowledges dating August Alsina

Who was Jada in love with?

Will Smith claims their non-monogamous marriage has helped them reach new heights

Are Jada and Will in a monogamous relationship?

Will and Jada have been together 25 years. Jaden and Willow are the couple's children.

How long Jada and Will Smith married? 

Yo-Yo dispels reports that Tupac Shakur loved Jada Pinkett Smith.

Did Jada say she was in love with Tupac?

Smith said he lacked maturity in his 20s to be Tupac's pal. "I met Tupac many times, but we never spoke," the actor said.

Did Tupac and Will Smith ever meet?