Game Awards 2022 

By Madhupriya

December 9,2022

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Elden Ring wins game of the year at The Game Awards in 2022. Share this article. The Game Awards 2022 were held on Thursday, and God of War Ragnarök took the top spot with 10 nominations, followed by Elden Ring from FromSoftware, which was nominated for seven. However, Elden Ring won the game of the year prize.

What won 2022 Game of the Year?

2022-12-08, 4:30 PM (GMT-8) Date: The Game Awards in 2022

When were The Game Awards 2022?

The Player's Voice award at The Game Awards 2022 was won by Genshin Impact after a competitive matchup with Sonic Frontiers and Elden Ring.

Who won Players Voice Game Awards 2022?

It turned out to be a wonderful event where we were all able to take a minute and enjoy everything gaming. Hosted by Geoff Keighley and featured special presenters like Al Pacino, Rahul Kohli, Halsey, Keegan-Michael Key, and many others.

Who is hosting The Game Awards 2022?

The main video game award given out at the Game Creators Conference (GDC), the largest annual gathering of professional video game developers, is the Game Developers Choice Award for the Game of the Year, commonly known as GDCA Game of the Year.

What is the most important game of the year award?

Best Narrative went to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, and Maggie Robertson's performance as Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village earned her Best Performance.

Who is the girl hosting The Game Awards?