Dead Space

By Divya

December 6 ,2022

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Dead space is non-gas-exchanging ventilated air. Anatomical and physiologic dead space exist.

What is meant by Dead Space?

Motive may revive Dead Space by reviving Visceral Games' cancelled Dead Space 4.

Will there be Dead Space 4?

A massive deep-space mining ship goes dark after discovering a strange artefact on a distant planet. Engineer Isaac Clarke begins the repair mission and finds the ship's crew brutally murdered and infected by alien scourge.

Whats the story of Dead Space?

Inhaled air that stays in conducting airways or reaches inadequately perfused alveoli called dead space. It means not all air in each breath can exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Why is it called Dead Space?

Lungs without alveoli naturally have anatomical dead space. The lungs are ventilated and receiving enough air, but the air is not reaching perfused areas, so blood is not oxygenated.

What are examples of dead space?

Isaac defeating the Hive Mind ends Dead Space. He then boards the marker ship and flees the planet to avoid being killed by the falling rock.

Does Dead Space have an ending?