Cyber Monday • Discounts and allowances

By Divya

November 27,2022

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Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving in e-commerce. Online shops provide Black Friday deals and discounts like brick-and-mortar stores. Traditional retailers provide online-only promotions.

What is Cyber Monday meant for?

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: which is best? Most retailers have similar Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Is Cyber Monday a real thing?

Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation invented "Cyber Monday" in a press release.

Who named Cyber Monday?

McGrath called it a "catch all bargains day". Everything is on sale because retailers of all sizes cut prices.

Do prices get lower on Cyber Monday?

It's a 24-hour online shopping event started by businesses to boost online buying and now considered an extension of Black Friday.

Is Cyber Monday only online or in store?

Black Friday is retail shopping, while Cyber Monday is internet purchasing. Black Friday usually follows Thanksgiving.

What is the difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday?

Amazon hosts Cyber Monday from Saturday, November 26, to Monday, November 28. Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are available to everyone, no Prime membership required.

Is Cyber Monday only for Prime members?