Christina Ricci Had Financial Issues After Split From James .

By Divya

November 22,2022

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Ricci and Hampton are newlyweds. Two months after the Now and Then actress announced they were pregnant, they married in October 2021.

Does Christina Ricci have a husband?

Love reborn! Christina Ricci married Mark Hampton after a turbulent previous marriage.

Who dated Christina Ricci?

After a busy morning, @riccigrams and baby Cleo are doing well and sleeping. Hello, Cleopatra Ricci Hampton!

Did Christina Ricci have a baby?

Ricci and ex-husband James Heerdegen have a 7-year-old kid, Freddie.

Who did Christina Ricci have a baby with?

The actress, 41, says the conversation began as she prepped for a C-section on Dec. 8.

How old was Christina Ricci when she had her baby?

Christina Ricci and husband Mark Hampton welcome a baby girl.

Who is the father of Christina Ricci's new baby?

In 1991, when Ricci played Wednesday on "The Addams Family," she was only 11 years old.

How old was Christina Ricci when she played Wednesday Addams?

In 2021, the couple welcomed Cleo. Cleo, Ricci and Mark Hampton's kid, prefers her alone time.

Is Christina Ricci married with kids?