Chicago Fire • NBC • Kelly Severide • Spoiler

By Divya

November 22,2022

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Severide tells Violet about Anna Turner, a former girlfriend who died of leukaemia.

Who did Severide lose on Chicago Fire?

Season 4: Severide is demoted from Lieutenant since so many firefighters quit or were fired despite justifiable causes.

Does Severide lose his rank?

Severide and Stella Kidd married in the season 10 finale of Chicago Fire.

What happens to Severide?

Summary. Severide is accused of a hit-and-run accident that becomes a vehicular homicide when a kid dies.

Why did Severide go to jail? 

Severide's father's death upsets Stellaride. He dumps Kidd. The season ends with Severide reuniting.

Do Kelly and Severide break up?

Kelly Severide married. His wedding to Stella at the end of Chicago Fire season 10 was mostly joyous.

Who dies Severide end up with?

Dallas Patterson replaced Severide as Squad 3's officer after a review board considered his turnover rate too high.

Who replaces Severide as lieutenant?

Seager will return. Seager will keep pursuing Severide, but they haven't cheated or crossed any romantic limits.

Does Severide cheat on Stella?