Candace Cameron Bure unfollows "Full House" Actress Jodie Sweetin in the Middle of "Traditional Marriage" Reactionary Comments

By Vasantha

November 29,2022

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The conflict between Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin has gotten worse on social networking sites as a result of their divergent views on "traditional marriage."

Sisterly disputes?

Sweetin, 40, still follows her TV sister's social media posts as of the time of publishing, although Cameron Bure, 46, stopped following her former Full House co-Instagram star's account early this month.

Why did she stop following her on Instagram ?

Both the author of UnSweetined and the Aurora Teagarden Mystery actor gained notoriety for their roles as Stephanie Tanner and DJ Tanner's siblings on ABC's Full House.


The two actresses eventually played the same characters on Netflix's Fuller House, which premiered in 2015 after the sitcom's eight seasons had concluded.


Cameron Bure and Sweetin have remained close even after the webcast series ended in 2020. In actuality, the Californian — and their previous co-stars.


By November, it appeared that Cameron Bure and Sweetin's once-close relationship had deteriorated as a result of the former View host's contentious opinions on marriage equality.

The relationship between Cameron Bure and Sweetin 

The star of Christmas Detour explained her decision to abandon Hallmark for Great American Family in an interview with WSJ.

The star of  Christmas 

Magazine, "My heart loves to inform stories that have more meaning, purpose, and depth behind them. "I consider that the Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at its core," the author said.

In an interview 

"I knew that perhaps the people behind the Great American Family were Christians who absolutely adore the Lord and wanted to encourage belief coding and good family entertainment."

She also said ...