Cade McNamara Enters Transfer Portal | Where will He Go .

By Divya

November 29,2022

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Cade McNamara led Michigan to its first College Football Playoff in 2021. Cade McNamara transferred.

Is Cade McNamara transferring?

247Sports announced Monday that former Michigan starting quarterback Cade McNamara joined the transfer portal. McNamara has two more years after leading Michigan to the 2021 Big Ten title and College Football Playoff.

Where did Cade McNamara transfer from?

1.85 m Cade McNamara / Height

How tall is Cade McNamara?

This squad's talent, leadership, and experience were key. 2022 quarterback Cade McNamara has all three. Michigan senior McNamara plays as a redshirt junior.

Did Cade McNamara wear red shirt?

McNamara is a "Good college QB," but his 2023 NFL Draft projection is unknown. He may be a Day 3 choice. McCarthy, Michigan's early-round QB, is McNamara's time now.

Will Cade McNamara be drafted?

"Fighting with a significant injury since the middle of last season," McNamara wrote on Instagram. "Another serious knee issue this season." McNamara tried rehabbing the injury to play this season but needed surgery.

Why is Cade McNamara not playing?

"Cade unfortunately, I think his foot was stuck in the dirt and he got whacked from the side of the leg," Harbaugh added. "He'll miss some time," he said.

What happened to McNamara U of M?