Bruins extend record season-opening home win streak to 13 game

By Madhupriya


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Jonathan Stan. Jonathan was a wrecking ball for the Black and Gold who didn't hold back during his brawls and was pound-for-pound the toughest guy who ever played for the Bruins.

Who is the toughest player on the Bruins?

Adams asked Ross to come up with a nickname that depicted an untamed animal with speed, agility, and cunning. Ross coined the term "Bruins," which refers to brown bears in traditional folklore (from the Dutch "Bruin", the name of the bear in Reynard the Fox, literal meaning "brown").

Why are Boston Bruins called Bruins?

With the franchise's 25th anniversary, the Bruins make a permanent change by introducing the "spoked B"; it's a nod to Boston's nickname, The Hub, and its origins can be found in Oliver Wendell Holmes' work The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.

Why do the Bruins have a spoked B?

If you're wondering what happens to the hat barrel after a hat trick, most teams, including the Bruins, donate it to a local charity.

What do Bruins do with the hats thrown in the ice?

According to a team statement, the Bruins honoured O'Ree's legacy by retiring his number 22 before the game Tuesday night, 64 years after he first took the ice.

Why is the number 22 behind the Bruins net? 

Shawn Thornton is without a doubt one of the most beloved enforcers in Bruins history.

Do the Bruins have an enforcer?

Phil Esposito has the most hat tricks for the Bruins in his career, with 26.

Who has the most hat tricks in Bruins history?