Bruce Springsteen cover reignites row over lost northern soul classic

By Madhupriya

November 29,2022

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Springsteen became known as "the Boss" because he collected and distributed his band's nightly pay. Springsteen's Monopoly games with Jersey Shore musicians purportedly inspired the name.

Why is Springsteen called the boss?

Forbes reports that selling an artist's whole repertoire, like Springsteen's, maximises the upfront payout. Royalties will pay artists over time.

Why did Bruce Springsteen sell his music rights?

His lyrics, to many fans—including this one—reflect a different faith. Bruce Springsteen has Catholic parents and grandparents.

Is Bruce Springsteen religious?

Dutch: from springsteen, a stepping stone used in unpaved streets, possibly a stonecutter's nickname.

What does the name Springsteen mean?

According to a Dec. 16 release, Springsteen sold his composition and music repertoire to Sony Music Group. Industry reports valued the deal at about $500 million.

How much did Bruce Springsteen sell his royalties for?

Bruce Springsteen earned $550 million in 2021, mostly from a massive Sony Music publishing deal.

How did Bruce Springsteen make so much money?

Rolling Stone (opens in new tab) reports that Springsteen earned $590 million last year, mostly from selling his publishing copyrights and masters to Sony for $550 million.

How did Bruce Springsteen make money last year?