Brad William Henke previews 'The Stand' on CBS All Access

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56 years (10 April 1966) Brad Age of William Henke

How old Is Brad William Henke?

From that point on, Henke's acting career took off, and he soon began obtaining bigger roles in hit television shows like "ER," "Lost," "The Office," and many others.

Was Brad William Henke in The Office?

Henke, Katelin Chesna Brad Wife: William Henke (m. 2001–2008)

Who is Brad William Henke married to?

A minor adversary from The Office is named "Frank." Frank only made a cameo in the "Vandalism" episode. In addition to Desi Piscatella in Orange Is the New Black, John Cooke in Split, Don Kubiak in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Steve in Criminal Minds, he was portrayed by Brad William Henke.

Who played Frank in The Office?

Brad William Henke was a defensive lineman who competed in the Super Bowl long before he became an actor.

Who plays Brad in The Office?

He was selected by the New York Giants in the 1989 draught, but he was released after training camp. The Denver Broncos later took him on.

What team did Brad William Henke play for?