Bambi by Walt Disney Company

By Divya

November 26,2022

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Bambi is about a young buck and his mother, but like many of Walt's films, it deals with the death of a parent, specifically a mother. The feature film has been blamed for "traumatising" generations of children.

What is the dark story behind Bambi?

Bambi ranked third in animation. Time magazine ranks it among the Top 25 Horror Movies. Time says Bambi "has a primitive jolt that still bothers oldsters who saw it 40, 50, 65 years ago."

Is Bambi a horror movie?

Bambi was voted Disney's saddest movie. 38 percent of Radio Times poll respondents voted the classic animated drama the biggest tearjerker from the legendary studio. That term may have come from the protagonist losing his mother early on.

Why is Bambi the saddest Disney movie?

Bambi is one of the best Disney classics despite being one of the saddest. Its stunning animation, endearing characters, and gripping tale make this a must-see.

Is Bambi a sad movie?

It's a poetic essay on birth, death, and reincarnation based on Felix Salten's Bambi: A Walk in the Woods, substantially altered by Disney.

What is the message of Bambi?

Bambi was a European roe deer. North American roe deer don't exist. Bambi was modelled after an Arrowhead, California, mule deer.

Is Bambi a real person?

Bambi is great but not for kids. I saw it at 4. Bambi's mother's death traumatised me for weeks. My elder pals felt the same.

Is Bambi too sad for kids?

Bambi is one of Disney's most heartbreaking films. The film's most powerful scenes are Bambi, Flower, and Thumper's childhood.

Is Bambi the saddest Disney movie?