Balenciaga pulls controversial bear ads amid child abuse fear

By Madhupriya

November 23,2022

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Balenciaga apologised for ads portraying sexualized teddy bears and youngsters.

What did Balenciaga do with children?

Kering owns Balenciaga. Last year, they spent less than $100 million on digital and print advertising.

What ad agency represents Balenciaga?

Cristóbal Balenciaga (born 1895 in Guetaria, Spain; died 1972 in Valencia), Spanish garment designer.

What did Cristobal Balenciaga do?

Kim Kardashian as an emblem of the climate struggle may make you laugh, but she's Balenciaga's new campaign ambassador.

Who is Balenciaga brand ambassador?

Kardashian wore Balenciaga sunglasses, a fluffy Hourglass purse, and credit card-shaped earrings.

Does Kim wear Balenciaga?

Balenciaga rose swiftly. His designs were popular and praised as groundbreaking for two years. Carmel Snow was an early enthusiast.

Who made Balenciaga popular?

Balenciaga's parent company Kering confirmed its breakup with Kanye West.

Does Kanye own Balenciaga?

Define Balenciaga. Balenciaga, Cristobal Fashion designer, couturier (1895-1972). Clothier

What does Balenciaga mean?