As Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian's ex, moves on, she publishes a mysterious quote.

By Vasantha

November 20,2022

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Now Pete Davidson, kim Kardashian's ex, is allegedly dating Emily Ratajkowski.

Kim Kardashian is being more enigmatic on social networking sites. The former star of "Maintaining Proper With the Kardashians"

Shared a remark by Idil Ahmed on Friday via Instagram Stories when seeing "the bigger picture" in difficult situations.

One thing I learned is that anything that always turns out for the best, according to the post.

"Occasionally even greater than you might expect.

The comment continued, "Memorize this when you experience it because you're in a tough situation.

Or you feel because you're being stretched the most." The 42-year-old "Kardashians" actress just parted up with Davidson three months ago.