Victoria's Secret The World's Most Famous Bras, Panties (1)

Who is the real owner of Victoria’s Secret?

Wexner bought the lingerie brand from Roy Raymond in 1982 for $1 million and made it a billion-dollar company in a decade. VS:


Why is it called Victoria’s Secret?

“Victoria” evoked Victorian propriety and respectability, yet Victoria’s “secrets” were hidden beneath. He launched the Victoria’s Secret catalogue and opened several locations.


What is Victoria Secret famous for?


Victoria’s Secret, the world’s largest intimates specialty retailer, sells modern, fashion-inspired bras, panties, lingerie, casual sleepwear, athleisure, and award-winning prestige fragrances and body care.

Is Victoria Secret a luxury brand?]\


Victoria's Secret The World's Most Famous Bras, Panties (2)
The World’s Most Famous Bras


Victoria’s Secret’s in-store experience wins people over. No other lingerie brand can match its in-store experience. Victoria’s Secret stores are opulent.

Can guys work at Victoria Secret?


Yes, there is no gender discrimination at Victoria’s Secret. They can, yes.


Why does Victoria Secret use pink?


More crucially, Pink was designed to bring younger clients to Victoria’s Secret, providing a consistent stream of lifelong customers for the lingerie company.


How do Victoria Secret models get their body?

Victoria Secret models conduct bodyweight and light-weight toning exercises.


Is Victoria Secret available in India?

Victoria's Secret The World's Most Famous Bras, Panties (4)
The World’s Most Famous Bras


Victoria’s Secret India’s official account. Visit Phoenix Palladium, Mumbai’s first Victoria’s Secret store.

Does India have Victoria Secret?

Victoria’s Secret’s first full-range Indian store sells intimates, loungewear, and beauty. Victoria’s Secret’s global spokesman discussed the exclusive Indian outlet, new launches, expansion, and more.


Was Victoria Secret made by a man?

After being scrutinised at a department shop while buying underwear for his wife, Roy Raymon started the brand. The Raymons opened a few California stores and published the famed catalogue.


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