1. Spring one-pot roast chicken

Your Sunday roast will take on a new springtime flavour thanks to seasonal fresh vegetables and a mascarpone, tarragon, and lemon sauce. It’s vibrant and flavorful to the brim. Simply roast the chicken and vegetables until fully done.

2. Slow cooker vegetable stew with cheddar dumplings

This amazing vegetarian dish is filled with beans, veggies, and fresh herbs in a creamy sauce. This straightforward comfort food is elevated by the addition of cheddar dumplings to the basic stew.

3. One-pan lamb with hasselback potatoes

A roast with little to no cleanup? The vision is actual. This one-pot dish roasts lamb with hasselback potatoes with garlic and herb seasonings. Give our green olive and herb dressing a try.


4. Double cheese & spring vegetable tart

This vegetable feast can be prepared in advance to make dinnertime stress-free and wonderful. The base enhances the flavour of pre-made shortcrust pastry with cheddar to go along with the filling of seasonal vegetables and goat cheese. Bliss.

5. Cheesy ham hock, spinach & ricotta lasagne

Although we adore a classic lasagne, this springtime variation is a strong contender. The filling is a delicious combination of ricotta, spinach, and diced ham hock. A golden fusion of mozzarella and gruyère covers the top. This will soon be a fixture of the midweek.

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6. Ham & cheese

This delectable supper, which features sticky-glazed gammon on a thick cauliflower cheese, has the deceptively simple name “ham & cheese.” This is best served with roast potatoes to sop up the sauce because it is really decadent and impressive to boot.



7. Ricotta, broccoli, & new potato frittata

This frittata excels on all fronts: it is vegetarian, gluten-free, fast, and healthful. It tastes fantastic for lunch the next day and features a lot of spring vegetables, such asparagus and young potatoes.

8. Pork medallions

These creamy pork medallions are a lovely supper anytime of the year, especially when served with fresh spring greens. Cook the pork in a mushroom sauce that has been created with double cream, chicken stock, shallots, madeira, and fresh herbs.


9. Herby spring chicken pot pie

There are several reasons why we adore this pie. Using already cooked chicken thighs or leftover roast chicken makes it easy. It’s a one-pot dish, so there won’t be much cleanup! And with a flavorful sauce, fresh vegetables, and a golden, crispy filo top, it’s an incredible delight to eat.

10. Honey & mustard chicken thighs with spring veg

With chicken thighs, the traditional mixture of whole-grain mustard, honey, and lemon juice is fantastic. This seasonal traybake will be a riot of colour, flavour, and texture when you add potatoes, peas, and spinach.

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