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UCAS course data shows the most popular university subjects in the UK.

  1. Studies in Management

Management studies often cover topics in commerce, hospitality, tourism, and land.

With a degree in this field, you will be able to pursue a job in the majority of professional sectors because management skills are highly transferable and can be utilized in many sectors. As a result of taking this course, you will be able to organize a firm and manage human resources, as well as learning how to create a successful work environment.

  1. Combinations with Business and Administration Studies

In business and administration courses, you learn everything about how a business functions, from the financial side to marketing.

Combinations with information systems, music, fashion, statistics, economics, and international studies are just a few of the various combinations that could be made for this subject. You’ll be able to use your transferrable skills in the majority of professional domains if you have a degree in this area.

  1. Subjects Allied to Medicine

The topics that are related to medicine range widely, from clinical medicine to optometry, dentistry to medical technology.

You might anticipate graduating from this discipline equipped to take on a specific role in the healthcare industry because the majority of the courses are relatively vocational. Many students, as an alternative, opt for employment in journalism, scientific sales, education, and the environment.

  1. Science of Sports and Exercise

Sports and exercise science is rapidly developing as a result of the increased funding and interest in the field. As a result, a variety of degree programmes are available. You have a wide range of specialised options in industries such motorised sports, sports treatment, sports medicine, and journalism.

The UK
The UK

The UK

If you appreciate sports, this is the greatest course for you to do because it gives you a number of career opportunities, from coaching to sports administration.

6.Preclinical Medicine

Preclinical medicine is the study and practise of treating or preventing disease in Homo sapiens (humans). It covers topics like pharmacology, nutrition, anatomy, and physiology, each of which can be considered a separate branch of study.

The advanced skills you need to start working as a healthcare professional as soon as you graduate are typically provided in highly vocational courses.

  1. Design Research

Design for everyday objects is centred on design research, which takes into account technology, business, appearance, and modern art thinking. In classrooms, computers are widely employed as design tools.

Numerous industries, including fashion, animation, video games, theatre, textiles, and art, hire graduates in this subject.

The UK
The UK

4.Computer Science 

Computer science is the study of information technology.

This rigorous discipline allows you to specialise in the theory and design of computing systems, a field that currently dominates our contemporary world. Students who major in it go on to work as programmers, analysts, managers, consultants, and developers. It is a mathematical and artistic field of study.

  1. Law

The study of law focuses on legalities and bringing victims and offenders to justice.

If you’ve received the required education and training, you can practise law. Transferable talents include, but are not limited to, research, interpretation, and explanation of complex issues, analytical thinking and real-world problem solving, good oral communication, negotiation, teamwork, attention to detail, and the ability to write formal papers.


Psychology is the study of the human mind. Consider Freud, Jung, and Pavlov as examples of psychologists who attempted to comprehend human behaviour. You could reach incredible heights if you are successful in this industry.

Despite the lack of professional security it provides after graduation, psychology is nevertheless a popular topic of study. Many graduates practice social work, therapy, and psychology with clients. Many more go into the academic, research, and teaching areas.


Nursing is the study of the theories and techniques used in patient assessment, supervision, management, and treatment. Adult, paediatric, mental health, and learning disabilities are the NHS’s four main nursing specialisations.

It makes sense that this is the subject that UK students are most eager to study. Despite working under extreme stress, nurses report very high levels of job satisfaction due to the multiple lives they are able to touch and improve every day.

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