Vera’s Backyard BBQ

You’ve probably heard that the best barbecue can be found in small towns in unassuming locations. If Vera has anything to say about it, it’s that it’s absolutely correct. The Brownsville institution is known for its barbecoa de cabeza, or grilled cow’s head.

Christopher’s at the Wrigley Mansion

The pandemic delayed its grand opening, but Christopher’s is now open in one of the most beautiful parts of the American West.


Joule is the epitome of proper fusion, combining American and Korean cuisine. From scallion pancakes with smoked salmon roe and smoked tofu with honshimeji confit to miso black cod and a bavette steak with lemongrass pesto, the Rachel Yang project has it all.

Gautreau’s Restaurant

It’s difficult to overstate the contribution of the French to what we now call modern gastronomy. Gautreau’s is a classic French restaurant in a city that is all too aware of its clout.


Lucille’s has a firm and capable grasp on southern cuisine, which is a true specialty in H-Town. The Museum District restaurant pays homage to the owners’ grandmother and expertly navigates the genre’s many comforts, from perfectly fried meats and fluffy grits to braised oxtail and some of the best blackened fish you’re likely to encounter.



Demi resides in the North Loop, one of the Twin Cities’ coolest neighbourhoods. The restaurant is an excellent example of Minneapolis’ evolving food culture. It’s cosy, ever-changing, and completely modern.


Vetri Cucina

Chef Marc Vetri’s Italian restaurant bills itself as a test kitchen. There are 32 seats available, and the menu draws on classic Italian dishes as well as influences from around the world.

Carnitas Lonja

In cities like San Antonio, good tacos practically grow on trees, which makes a place like Carnitas Lonja all the more special — a standout even among incredible nearby options.

Bar Dough

To be fair, we could probably make an entire list of fantastic Italian-influenced restaurants in the United States. Another is Denver’s Bar Dough, which is based on chef Russell Stippich’s small plate wonders.

The Catbird Seat

The Catbird Seat is a concept as well as a fantastic restaurant, with an intimate setting built around a horseshoe-shaped table fit for only a few lucky diners.

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