Black Adam

Why did Black Adam become evil?

Adam was corrupted by the power and he lost his mind to it. The wizard Shazam held no mercy for his former champion, and quickly sought to punish Adam in one of the most excruciating ways possible.

What superhero is Black Adam?

Black Adam is the morally ambiguous predecessor of Shazam, the gangly teen-turned-adult superhero. Adam was born centuries ago as “Teth-Adam,” a regular guy who becomes the “champion” of a wizard named Shazam, who instills in him the power of several gods, according to DC

The Tragic Family History of Black Adam
Black Adam

Who is more powerful Superman or Black Adam?

Taking all of these things into account, checking the numbers, ticking the boxes, and pure old gut instinct, it’s obvious that the winner in a fight between Superman and Black Adam is… Superman

Does Black Adam fight Superman?

From misunderstandings to full-on duels, Black Adam has battled Superman throughout DC Comics, pushing the Man of Steel to his limits. The hierarchy of power in the DC Extended Universe is changing, as Dwayne Johnson revealed in the build-up for 2022’s Black Adam

What gods does Black Adam have?

The Gods That Gave Black Adam His Powers  Similar to Billy Batson, Black Adam was gifted six powers by six different gods. These gods are of Egyptian origin, and are in direct correlation to the Greek gods of Shazam’s. These gods are Shu, Horus, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen.

Who does Black Adam turn into when he says Shazam?

Grasping his stolen scarab, Adam speaks Shazam’s name and is transformed into the super-powered Black Adam. Black Adam reveals himself to Captain Marvel as the Batsons’ killer, and the two battle.

The Tragic Family History of Black Adam
Black Adam

Was Black Adam a hero or villain?

Black Adam is best known as a supervillain. However, in the recent DC comic storylines, he’s veered toward being more of an anti-hero. Black Adam’s switch occurs in JSA #21 when he is set free from Theo Adam’s nature.

Is Black Adam strongest in DC?

Black Adam is one of the strongest characters in the DCEU.

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