The Top 10 Brazilian Desserts (9)

10  Açaí na tigela

Aça na tigela is a flexible dessert from Brazil made from mashed aça berries. It’s typically served in a bowl, topped with banana and granola, and mixed with other fruits and guaraná syrup. The aça palm is abundant throughout the Amazonian basin, and the berries it produces have a solid texture and earthy flavour.

09  Bolo de rolo

The Pernambuco state is where the classic Brazilian dessert known as bolo de rolo first appeared. Similar to a jelly roll cake or a Swiss roll, this rolling guava cake is significantly more difficult to make. It consists of numerous thin and fragile sponge layers that are joined to make a large sheet, smeared with sweet guava jam, and then coiled into a log.

08  Canjica

A sweet Brazilian delicacy called canjica or mugunzá is fashioned from dry white maize kernels. It is typically prepared with milk and has a pudding- or porridge-like consistency. It is traditionally spiced with cinnamon, grated coconut, and, on rare occasions, condensed or coconut milk in Brazil.

The Top 10 Brazilian Desserts (5)

07  Rabanada

The Brazilian equivalent of french toast is rabanada. Round or oval stale bread cut into thick slices is used to make it. The slices are then dipped in milk (or milk, sugar, and vanilla), beaten eggs, and cooked in oil before being dusted with cinnamon sugar. In comparison to American french toast, rabanada is therefore sweeter and crunchier.

06  Quindim

The ingredients for quindim, a traditional coconut custard cake from Brazil, are sugar, egg yolks, and ground coconut. The dish’s invention by African slaves in northeast Brazil during the 17th century is the most widely accepted hypothesis regarding its origin.

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05  Mousse de maracujá

Rumor has it that mousse de maracujá, or passion fruit mousse, would be Brazil’s choice for its national dessert. Fresh passion fruit, sweetened milk, and crème de leite, a substance like evaporated milk, make up the dessert.

The Top 10 Brazilian Desserts (1)

04 Bolo de brigadeiro

A mainstay of birthday celebrations is the Brazilian dessert known as bolo de brigadeiro. Three layers of delicious and supple chocolate cake are sandwiched between layers of rich brigadeiro frosting, which is produced from a mixture of condensed milk, table cream, margarine, cocoa powder, full-fat milk, and cornflour.

03 Pudim de leite condensado

It’s a form of flan with custard within that is traditionally served in Brazil. Pudim de leite condensado’s typical ingredients are sweetened condensed milk, regular whole milk, eggs, and sugar, though there are as many variations on the dish as there are families in Brazil (and throughout Latin America).

The Top 10 Brazilian Desserts (6)

02  Brigadeiro

Unsalted butter, cocoa powder, and condensed milk are heated together to make the sumptuous Brazilian treat brigadeiro, which is then shaped into a tiny truffle-like ball. When fruit and sweets were hard to come by in the 1940s, brigadeiro was first created using a few simple ingredients and some inventiveness.

01  Beijinho

Popular Brazilian sweets known as beijinhos—literally, “small kisses”—are comprised of coconut, butter, and sweetened condensed milk. Beijinhos are typically served at children’s birthday parties and are made into tiny balls, topped with additional shredded coconut and a clove. However, both young and old enjoy them.

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