The LEGO Group history - About (5)

What does LEGO stand for?


“Leg godt”—”play well” in Danish—is the origin of LEGO. Our name and ideal. Ole Kirk Kristiansen created LEGO in 1932.


Why does LEGO have 18+?

The 18+ LEGO kits are marketed to adults to show that LEGO sets aren’t just for kids.


Why is LEGO not available in India?


India has a smaller Lego market than the west. India doesn’t know it either. Lego import duties are another cause.

Is LEGO sold in India?


The LEGO Group history - About (3)
The LEGO Group history

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Is LEGO good for brain?


Construction block activity, especially LEGO Bricks, has several benefits for young minds, according to study.


Why was LEGO so popular?

LEGO lets youngsters build their toys, a more complex activity that kept them entertained for hours. The LEGO System of Play sells well abroad.


The LEGO Group history - About (4)
The LEGO Group history

What is the youngest age for a LEGO?


Depending on their familiarity with constructing toys, we think 4 is the youngest age most kids can start using Lego bricks.


Is LEGO good for 7 year old?


LEGO® kits are the ideal building and educational toys for 6–8-year-olds.


What is a LEGO Dark Age?

“Dark Age”: the time between losing interest in LEGO and rediscovering it as an adult.


The LEGO Group history - About (1)
The LEGO Group history

Which is the cheapest country to buy LEGO?


Hong Kong has the lowest Lego prices worldwide.

Why LEGO is so good for kids?

Lego teaches problem-solving, spatial abilities, and complex tasks.


Why LEGO is a good toy?

Lego helps kids and teens learn social skills, motor skills, spatial skills, problem solving, and creativity.


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