Tage Thompson

Are Tage and Tyce Thompson related?

His brother Tage Thompson currently plays in the NHL for the Buffalo Sabres, and his mother is Phoenix, Arizona native Kimberly Oliver Thompson.

What nationality is Tage Thompson?

Tage Thompson is an American.


Where did Tage Thompson grow up?

His birthplace was Phoenix. His father was a minor league player for Providence, Colorado, Hartford, Louisville, Hershey, and Louisville. He served as a coach for the Islanders in New York, Bridgeport, Alaska, and Peoria. Tage Thompson, 20, claimed that when he was a junior at Michigan’s Pioneer High School, it was his seventh institution of higher learning.

Tage Thompson
Tage Thompson


How tall is Tage Thompson?

1.98 m

Height/Tage Thompson

Tage Thompson

How much does Tage Thompson make?

Net worth, earnings, and salary history of Tage Thompson: Finished career with US $6,882,500 ($7,638,104 in today’s dollars), placing #1464 in the NHL in hockey. Currently contracted for US $49,999,999 with a forecasted hockey fortune of US $56,882,499.

Who is Tage Thompson married to?

On and off the rink, her husband continues to find inspiration from Rachel Thompson. Tage Thompson received a call that changed his life, and he will never forget it. This was almost four years ago.

Tage Thompson
Tage Thompson

Where did Tage Thompson go to college?

After Thompson’s first season at UConn, in which he recorded 32 points (14 goals, 18 assists) in 36 contests, the St. Louis Blues selected him in the first round (at pick No. 26) of the 2016 NHL Draft.

How did Buffalo get Tage Thompson?

He was born in Arizona, picked by St. Louis in the first round of the 2016 draught, and traded to Buffalo in July 2018 for Ryan O’Reilly. A vital component of a Sabres club that is being rebuilt around youth is Thompson.

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