Racist gunman who attacked a Buffalo grocery (2)

After an emotional sentencing hearing was briefly interrupted by someone rushing at him, the white supremacist who admitted to killing 10 Black people in a racist mass shooting at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Wednesday.

At Payton Gendron’s sentencing hearing in Erie County Court, where he pled guilty in November to more than a dozen crimes, including murder and domestic terrorism motivated by hate, family members of numerous victims testified about their loved ones. An automatic life sentence was associated with the terrorism allegation.

Before passing judgement on Gendron, Judge Susan Eagan remarked, “There can be no sympathy for you, no understanding, no second chances.” “You’ll never be a free man; never see the light of day.”

As she handed down 11 life sentences that will be served concurrently, Eagan spoke about the history, effects, and impact of white supremacy in the United States as well as the lives of each victim. Additionally, Gendron received a 15-year sentence on a firearms charge in addition to receiving consecutive sentences of 25 years for each of the three counts of attempted murder. Families and survivors of the victims speak up

Racist gunman who attacked a Buffalo grocery (4)

The victims’ families recalled recollections of their loved ones, denounced the racism that led to the massacre, and begged the judge to sentence Gendron to the greatest term possible.

After being wounded in the leg, Christopher Braden claimed to have PTSD and documented his agonising, protracted rehabilitation.

Every night, he is plagued by visions. said. “My wounds and anguish serve as a reminder of how resilient I’ve grown.”

Some harshly criticised Gendron. Some people, including Kimberly Salter, the widow of security guard Aaron Salter, quoted scripture or expressed their concern for him by praying.

The apology from Gendron


Before being given a sentence, Gendron apologised to the victims and their families in a brief statement. He claimed he did not want his misdeeds to serve as an example for others.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I regret the choices I made that led to my actions on May 14,” said Gendron. “That day, I made a terrible mistake. I killed them by shooting them because they were Black.”

Racist gunman who attacked a Buffalo grocery (1)

Gendron was momentarily removed from the courtroom during the brief interruption of the sentencing process when someone grabbed at him as Barbara Massey Mapps criticised him for killing her sister Katherine Massey, 72. Officers put the person in handcuffs.

When court began, Eagan remarked, “I am sure that you are all horrified by the physicality that we’ve seen in the courtroom here today.” resumed. We cannot have that in the courts, despite the fact that I understand the emotion and the rage.

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How did things go down at Tops Friendly Market?

On May 14, Gendron used a semiautomatic weapon to shoot 13 individuals at Tops Friendly Market. In the attack, which Gendron livestreamed, three people made it out alive.

Racist gunman who attacked a Buffalo grocery (3)

Gendron expressed his hope for the attack in documents that were made available online. He claimed that he chose the Tops supermarket because it was located in a community with a large Black population, about a three-hour trip from his home in Conklin, New York.

Who were the shooting victims in Buffalo?

The victims, who ranged in age from 32 to 86, were a community activist, a man, a guard at the grocery store, and a deacon from a local church. grandma of nine, birthday cake shopper, and mother of a former Buffalo fire commissioner. The victims consist of:

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