Jeff Brohm

How old is Jeff Brohm?

51 years (24 April 1971)

Age: Jeff Brohm


Is Jeff Brohm coming to Louisville?

After six great seasons at Purdue, Brohm, a native of Louisville who quarterbacked the Cardinals in the 1990s as well, will depart for his alma mater. At its meeting on Thursday, the Louisville board of trustees is anticipated to formally approve Brohm’s contract.

How long has Jeff Brohm been at Purdue?

In his six years at Purdue, Brohm has a 36-34 record, with a 17-9 record in the last two years, which included the program’s first Big Ten West championship this year.

Jeff Brohm
Jeff Brohm

Is Purdue Football coach leaving?

Brian Brohm Named Purdue’s Interim Head Football Coach | Share | All sharing options. Coach Jeff Brohm is leaving Purdue to take the helm at Louisville after another round of #BrohmWatch. As a result, Purdue will need to make a replacement for the next Citrus Bowl game against LSU.

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How much does Jeff Brohm make?

In April, Brohm agreed to an agreement that will keep him at Purdue through 2027, with a compensation increase of $5.1 million in 2022. The agreement makes it possible for Purdue to spend more money on coordinators and assistant coaches as it seeks to maintain its recent progress.

Jeff Brohm
Jeff Brohm

What is Jeff Brohm’s buyout?

The worrying number from Purdue’s perspective is Brohm’s pitiful $1M buyout if he decides to depart for another position.


Is Jeff Brohm related to Brian Brohm?

The University of Louisville’s head coach, Jeff Brohm, a former quarterback for the Cardinals and an NFL player, is Brohm’s older brother. Greg, a different brother, was a wide receiver for Louisville.

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