Personal trainer

Is a personal trainer better than a gym?


Semi-private personal training is more productive than gym memberships.

Can you exercise with a personal trainer?

A Journal of Sports Science & Medicine study found that working out with a personal trainer increases fitness goal achievement by over 30%.


Personal trainer
Personal trainer

Is a physical trainer worth it?

For many. A trainer can help you attain objectives, return to fitness after injury, or just motivate and hold you accountable.

How long should I stay with a personal trainer?

Start with a personal trainer for three to six months. Fitness programmes are not secret.


Which exercise is better than gym?

Bodyweight workouts include planks, lunges, squats, stair-climbing, and pushups. Increase your bodyweight circuit workout reps.

How do I choose a personal trainer?

Personal trainer

When choosing a personal trainer, go beyond certification.


Why I quit being a personal trainer?


Personal trainer
Personal trainer

I left personal training for money, disenchantment, and job advancement. These are the same reasons thousands of personal trainers depart.

Is a personal trainer a luxury?

Personal trainers may appear expensive. Even on a budget, you may obtain a trainer’s specialised attention and benefits. Sharing a session with a few individuals reduces expense while keeping a personalised workout.

What are the disadvantages of using a personal trainer?


Personal trainers are expensive. Depending on expertise and status, personal trainers cost $50–$200 per hour.

Personal trainer
Personal trainer

What is the main focus of a personal trainer?

A personal trainer helps people set health and fitness objectives, organises exercise and fitness plans, and teaches and motivates them to safely and efficiently achieve them.

How much do PT trainers charge?

Outside London, personal trainers charge £30-£40 per session, whereas Londoners charge £50. Expert trainers might charge £80 per hour.


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