1. Roasted Mushrooms with Red Wine Butter

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian roasts mushrooms in the oven until they are fork-tender before putting them in a buttery red wine sauce with garlic and fresh herbs.

  1. Warm Mushroom Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Chef Kevin Willmann at Farmhaus in St. Louis enjoys using the mushrooms that his regional growers supply; for this salad, he says, “Oyster mushrooms are the awesomest.”

  1. Eggs Baked Over Sautéed Mushrooms and Spinach

This meal is perfect for breakfast, but if you’re eating it for lunch or dinner, a fruity Gamay from France’s Beaujolais area goes exceptionally well with it.

  1. Mushroom and Fontina Crostini

Italian Fontina cheese, which melts nicely, is a favourite of 1996 F&W Best New Chef Maria Helm Sinskey, though young Gouda would be an excellent substitute.

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  1. Fettuccine with Mushrooms, Tarragon, and Goat-Cheese Sauce

There is no need to simmer the mouthwateringly flavorful sauce that clings to each strand of fettuccine in this dish. It only requires combining goat cheese, Parmesan, milk, and some of the hot pasta cooking water.

  1. Wild Mushroom Crêpes with Sunny Eggs

Twin Cities chef Thomas Boemer tops these extremely savoury crêpes with roasted wild mushrooms and a creamy mushroom sauce for a double dose of mushroom flavour.

  1. Vegetarian Wild Mushroom Sourdough Dressing

The contrast between the chewy core pieces that have absorbed the liquid and the crispy, toasted edges is created by the tangy, crusty sourdough.

  1. Mushroom-Chickpea Pozole

According to chef Marcela Valladolid, “traditional pozole is created by making a rich broth by simmering a whole pig head with some neck bones and dried hominy and then adding either a red or green salsa for colour and taste.”


  1. Black Cod with Mushrooms, Bacon, and Red Wine Sauce

This delicate, flaky fish is made even more delectable by a sweet and spicy adaptation of a Bordeaux-style red wine sauce.


1.Pork Loin Braised with Mushrooms and Wine

The flavorful braising broth that permeates this traditional Corsican comfort food is infused with wine and flavoured with generous amounts of garlic, fragrant orange peel strips, and fresh herbs.

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