What is ColorOS version in OPPO?

ColorOS 12 is a highly customised Android 12 system.

What Android version is ColorOS?

OPPO, a global smart device brand, has introduced ColorOS 13, an operating system designed to be fluid like water. OPPO’s ColorOS 13 is based on the recently released Android 13 and is designed to provide a concise visual experience with an intuitive user interface.

Is OPPO ColorOS good?


ColorOS 13 embodies Oppo’s close collaboration with Google and commitment to timely Android adoption and updates. It’s fantastic to see important Android core updates like security and privacy being delivered and disseminated on time.


Is ColorOS Android compatible?

Oppo Electronics developed ColorOS, a mobile operating system based on the Android Open Source Project. Realme phones used ColorOS until 2020, when it was replaced by Realme UI.

What is the difference between ColorOS and Android?

ColorOS is a light skin over pure Google Android OS that allows smartphones to be customised in different geographic markets. It also enables it to do far more than Google Android. You may be wondering why not just use pure Google Android and be done with it. The same way Google does with its Pixel.


Can I remove ColorOS from OPPO?

Color OS is a modified version of the original Android UI that Oppo uses in their smartphones. You can certainly remove Color OS from your phone and then install a new UI (commonly known as ROMs), but this is a bit risky, and even a minor mistake can result in a major problem with your device.

Does ColorOS have Google services?

ColorOS 13 is based on Android 13 in general, Google’s own branch of Android 13 that includes the essential Google Apps that are almost required outside of China.

Can I upgrade my OPPO Android version?

Select Settings. Press Updates to the system. A new software version is displayed if one is available. To update the phone software, follow the instructions on the screen.


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