News about Larissa Pacheco, MMA and Kayla Harrison (1)

News about Larissa Pacheco, MMA and Kayla Harrison

Has Kayla Harrison ever lost a fight?


Kayla Harrison, a two-time Professional Fighters League lightweight tournament winner, lost her debut MMA match on Saturday to Larissa Pacheco by unanimous decision.

News about Larissa Pacheco, MMA and Kayla Harrison (1)
News about Larissa Pacheco,

What is Kayla Harrison record?


The current score for Kayla Harrison is 15 wins, no losses, and no ties.


How tall is Kayla Harrison?

1.73 m

/ Kayla Harrison / Heigh

How old is Kayla Harrison?


32 years (2 July 1990)

Kayla Harrison / Age

How much does Kayla Harrison make at PFL?

Harrison’s $500,000 doesn’t include incentives, promotional sponsor money, or streaming/pay-per-view points, like all athletic commission payout records.

Who won Harrison vs Pacheco?

Kayla Harrison disturbed by Larissa Pacheco. Larissa Pacheco wins 48-47.

MMA and Kayla Harrison

Is Kayla Harrison coming to UFC?

Despite UFC and Bellator overtures, two-time MMA women’s lightweight champion Kayla Harrison re-signs with Professional Fighters League. MMA’s top free agent selected her 2022 home.

Is Kayla Harrison a champion?

News about Larissa Pacheco, MMA and Kayla Harrison (1)
 MMA and Kayla Harrison

“My job on Friday is to be the best Kayla Harrison.” Harrison has won all 15 of her professional MMA fights since her 2018 debut. She won judo gold in 2012 and 2016.

Where is Kayla Harrison from?

Middletown is 35 miles north of Cincinnati in Butler and Warren counties in southern Ohio. 2020 census population: 50,987. It’s in Cincinnati.


How much is Kayla Harrison getting paid?


Manager Says Kayla Harrison Is The Highest Paid Female Fighter Ever. Two-time Lightweight champion Kayla Harrison tops the list with $500,000 for her first-round technical knockout of Kaitlin Young at 2022 PFL 6. (watch highlights).

When did Kayla Harrison Join PFL?

2018 was Harrison’s PFL debut. Her career MMA record is 12-0. (11-0 PFL, 1-0 Invictus).


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